Blocks - B3

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Blocks - B3

HOME-STYLE RIBS and BLOCKS is the trademark of our highly economical suspended flooring system.

The two-part-system consists of RIBS and BLOCKS, forms permanent shutters for the quick and economical construction of floors in multi-story buildings.

The RIBS are reinforced, precast sections that are used to span between walls. They are reinforced with two Y12 deformed bars and steel lattice, protruding positively from the concrete to strengthen the RIBS for transport, as well as to supply shear strength in the floor.

The BLOCKS are hollow section precast units, placed to span the ribs, thus completing the shutter. The steel lattices are tied to S100 steel mesh and other supporting structural components and the floor is cast-in-situ with concrete.

Advantages of HOME-STYLE RIBS and BLOCKS

  • Suitable for applications in all types of buildings where suspended floors are required.
  • The system is ideal for residential houses in particular.
  • RIB and BLOCK slabs are quicker and less costly to build than tradional shuttered concrete.
  • Ideal composite action between RIB lattice and cast-in-situ concrete, optimising strength/material requirements for cost savings.
  • Simple and quick to install.
  • Highly competitive pricing and large stock holdings of standard items ensures short delivery times.
  • RIB and BLOCK slabs are assembled by hand, no extra cranes or other machinery required.
  • Because components are relatively light, RIBS and BLOCKS are ideal for difficult to access houses and buildings.
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